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Norway, Stavanger
Autentik AS
Kanalsletta 2,
4033 Stavanger​

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Geir Magne Johnsen

The Autentik Team

Our small, yet dedicated team has led, and continue to lead, the digitalisation transition of fishing tools. We are driving the future of downhole fishing tools. Our senior management team have more than 40 years’ experience between them.


Roy Kristiansen

20+ years' international experience within Slickline, Fishing and Casedhole Logging. 15 years' in leading roles within Operations and Business Development.


Geir Magne Johnsen

One of the founders of Wellgrab when it was started 2016. 25 years’ experience in the Wireline Industry, 10 years as an offshore wireline field engineer and Supervisor. The last 15 years’ experience in leading positions for startup’s within wireline pressure control equipment, HPHT and tool design development.

Design and Application Engineer

Vladimir Malafy

Design and application engineer. 5 years’ experience of developing and testing downhole tools for O&G industry


Alexander Ibragimov

15 years’ experience developing downhole tools for O&G industry. 10 years’ experience leading positions for design departments


Thomas Norheim

18 years’ experience within the financial sector; including auditing, bank/funding, valuation, due diligence and M&A services.

Design and Application Engineer

Stian Haugen

8 years’ experience from drilling and wells. M.Sc. in Mechatronics and 5 years within R&D/design of downhole products.

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