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August 9, 2022

Wellgrab™ ERFT hooks innovation award as tool availability is increased

We are proud to announce that Wellgrab™ ERFT – Electric Release Fishing Tool, is the winner of the 2022 Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEAs).

Awarded by Hart Energy, the MEAs are given annually in recognition of excellence and achievement, and in acknowledgment of providing a monumental change, in this case by advancing downhole fishing techniques.

The advanced ERFT fishing solution is born out of a collaboration between Welltec and Autentik, combining respective technologies to create a unique platform for improved and simplified e-line fishing operations.  

“This award clearly recognizes the advancements we are aiming to make within downhole electric line fishing.  By bringing high-end technology to all aspects of our portfolio we will continue to make operations more efficient, more controllable, and more reliable,” says Alex Nicodimou, VP for Sales & Marketing at Welltec.

“The Wellgrab ERFT does exactly that with regards to fishing, and it’s extremely encouraging that others within our industry also clearly see the value we can now bring to this domain,” added Nicodimou.

Roy Kristiansen, CEO of Autentik, also commented, “On behalf of Autenik I’m very proud to receive this recognition for the development of the digital fishing technology, Wellgrab ERFT.  Development has been carried out in close collaboration with Welltec, by listening to E&P companies, as we further broaden the scope of wireline-based intervention with robotic downhole tools.”

Increased availability

The award coincides with the announcement that the availability of the Wellgrab ERFT has now been expanded to North America.

“We are experiencing a growing interest for our services and through our global cooperation with Welltec we are currently scaling up to meet demand in new regions. Next up is North America, where the Wellgrab ERFT is now available from Welltec’s Houston Base,” added Kristiansen.

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